About Us

From the Sanskrit word 'Seva' meaning service, Sevathon was born as an India Community Center initiative. It is a platform designed to bring non-profits together to fundraise for their causes. Sevathon welcomes any and all non-profits with good standing to come and partner with us. We provide the platform, the marketing, the support and all you have to do is ask your supporters to register for any activity of their choice. Walkers, runners, yogis and entertainers come together each summer to fundraise and strengthen their causes and communities. Come celebrate and fundraise with us!
Our team
Raj Desai
(Chief Executive Officer at ICC)
Satya Dixit
(Co-Chair Person at Sevathon)
Sumanth Rajagopal
(Co-Chair Person at Sevathon)

For event related questions, contact: Basanthi V. Bhat (Project Manager), sevathonpm@indiacc.org, 408-504-3765
Our volunteers

Murali Chirala
Anuradha Jagadeesh
Basanthi Bhat
Murali Krishnamurthy
Anup Sahoo
Surya Duvuri
Sateesh Hiremagalur
Ritu Vohra
Chock Karuppaiah
Dipty Desai
JP Ammu
Kislay Banka
Manju Ramachandran
Maxine Dixit
Venkat Maddipati
Dr Sachin
Deepti Dawar
Aanil Surpur
Shiv Sundar